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Artichoke Lovers Force

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They are like mini trees that you can eat!

Welcome to my very nice weber site...I made this weber site to express my love of the Artichoke...and yes indeed...I do love a good if you have a problem...that is to bad...I will just have to put you into a blender....shove you into a tuna the tuna can...and feed you to my cats...hum they sure like tuna...ENJOY!

Whats new you ask?!

8.14.04  Changed the sound agian to "Everybody to the Limit"...and some other updates...
8.13.04  Today the UPS guy gave me my TROGDOR BAG, so to celeabrat-ed I have added a sound!
8.9.04  I have updated the RANDOM STUFF page and added a FREAK OUT WORDS page, adios!!
8.8.04  I founded some nice fun loving furby pictures, added to the PICTURE section, sorry for the non-update yesterday...
8.6.04  ITS FRIDAY, and I have added a misson to the MISSONS page...have fun!
8.5.04  I have updated some little things around around my website and I have added a quite odd picture to the Picture section (and it is not a butt...nor is ir mine)
8.4.04  Now there is more pictures in the NEAT-O PICTURES page, and on the RANDOM STUFF I have added the Picture Of The Month...ENJOY!


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